Our Core Competences

Software Development
EDSI have been providing software development portal solutions for over 10 years. As a software development company that strives for excellence, our experienced team of developers build highly flexible platforms with wide ranging features and functionality for our customers. Our world-class portal solutions enables your business to deliver specific content to target audiences in a structured and timely manner, on time and on budget.

E-Commerce and Web Development
Today, E-Commerce and Web Development go hand in hand. In order to achieve your goals, we provide all type of web solutions ranging from standard (static) web designs to interactive web applications integrating E-commerce.

Unlike many of our competitors, we only offer customised web designs that are unique to each client and not taken from web design templates. This is all at a very affordable cost. Our developers are experienced in top of the range web technologies and scripting languages.

Business Intelligence and Consulting
EDSI offers analysis and advice of the strategies, technologies and products that allow you to turn your enterprise data and knowledge into a powerful strategic weapon.

Our Consultants have been involved in many business intelligence and data warehousing projects across multiple industries. Regardless of the project life-cycle stage we are able to advice on improvements, corrective actions and how to improve return on investments for BI projects.

EDSI can help you align your technology and business processes, allowing you to maximise your investments in ERP, CRM, SCM and other applications across your organisation. We can guide you on how to manage all aspects of your BI efforts. The result? Clarity across your business, better customer relationship and the ability to react to new opportunities, competitive threats, and improved growth and profits.